Personal styling from peers and influencers

No algorithms, paid representatives, or monthly subscriptions - just genuine social feedback to help you shop with confidence

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Get fashion advice from those you trust the most

Who hasn't texted their friends for advice on what to wear? Getting a good second opinion may make the difference between a seasonal staple and just another return.

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Fashion Without the Fuss

No one likes binding services that send endless boxes of clothes you may or may not like. Outfix is just a tool for you to get inspiration, so you can continue shopping the way you want.



Get an outfit for any occasion, budget, style, or size designed just for you when you need it


Chat and collaborate with your stylists to guarantee you'll look great before checking out


Help others find their style by browsing millions of products and designing outfit collages all from within the app


Set your stylist fee and offer private consultations for your followers and earn real money doing what you love


Now Accepting Stylists

Outfix is always looking to expand its list of trusted influencers who have the network, expertise, and passion to truly help their fellow shoppers. Just send us an email with your social media usernames and design portfolio, and we'll get back to you as soon as you're approved.

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