How do public requests work?

Public requests are free; best for when you need general advice from the community and don’t care who sends you suggestions. After you receive 3 submissions from stylists, the request card will automatically be moved to the “Completed” section of the Request tab. If you are unsatisfied with all 3 outfits, you may reactivate the request for another 3 suggestions. Repeat until satisfied!

How do private requests work?

Private requests are paid consultations with a stylist you choose and best serves those looking for guaranteed quality, a specific style, or just want to work with with someone they know and trust. Private consultations must be completed within 7 days – otherwise you are eligible for a refund.  You will only receive one outfit for each private request.

How long does it take to get responses for a public request?

It depends on the availability of the stylists. Public requests can get lost in some stylist’s feed and may take longer than private consultations. Try boosting the request to guarantee your request gets placed in front of all stylists for 24 hours. In all cases, we recommend having a high quality, inviting profile and gallery pictures to catch a stylist’s eye.

I’ve completed a private consultation. When and how do I get paid?

Outfix pays out through Stripe, but at this time, we take payments through In-App Purchases. It takes Apple approximately 30 days after a payment has been made to transfer payments to us. We will move money to your Stripe Connect account typically within 10 days of when the funds clear. To set up Stripe Connect, just go to Profile > Stylist tab and follow the instructions. The funds you earn will be marked as “pending” until they are moved to your account.

Where are the products coming from?

Outfix has paired with over 3000 brands and lets you browse over 1 million products to feature in your collages. We do not sell clothes or operate as a marketplace for used clothing. We just provide a platform for people to create outfit collages and find out where to buy products. At the end of the day, most people want control over when and if they buy, where they buy from, and sizing. This allows Outfix to be super low-commitment.

Can I choose one stylist to work with?

Yes! Just choose the “private” option when creating a new request. If you don’t see the stylist you’re looking for, they may have temporarily opted-out of accepting new requests. Stylists do this if they are too busy to fill requests, or if get overwhelmed with many requests at once.

Can I create a request for a gender-fluid/neutral outfit?

Yes! We’re all about mixing and matching. Just mention what you’re looking for in the comments of the request.

Another Question/Technical Issue

We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email or use the contact page.