Personal Style

– The biggest buzz word of the fashion industry, everywhere you go it means something different. Here, it means being comfortable in your own skin, even if you need some expert assistance in creating that perfect out. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t find it by taking a simple quiz on Buzzfeed or shopping through the “grunge” section at Forever 21. Finding your unique, personal style takes a long time to find and even longer to curate a wardrobe you’re proud of. Humans are not one-dimensional, and neither should your style – it is ever evolving, but here are a few quick steps for you to capture your basic necessities.


First, find someone that inspires you. Is it your mom, your friend, a movie star who looks like they were born in a leather jacket? Mix and match your fashion influencers, it’ll create a **unique mix. Who is your style icon and what do you adore about them – and what realistically can you translate from their style to your everyday wardrobe? 

Define your style.

Second, once you find your style icons pick out specific things that make them stand out. Are your icons edgy? Classic and timeless? Maybe more relaxed and romantic, or are they sleek and cool. Defining your style will make it a lot easier for you to find pieces that you can use as staples as well will help you shop.

Find your strengths.

Third, find what flatters you. Know your strengths, some silhouettes flatter certain body types rather than others. Always choose the outfit that simultaneously makes you look and feel good. Confidence is always key.

Clean out your closet.

You probably have a lot of lonely pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn in over a year. Let’s be honest, they’re probably all hidden away in the corner while your most worn pieces are front and center. It’s time to face the music: clean out your closet. Once you’ve defined your personal style, identified pieces that you no longer have room in your heart (or wardrobe for) start to clean it out. You have to start fresh and new, rebuild and redefine a wardrobe that truly suits you and your lifestyle.

Think before you shop.

Lastly, shop thoughtfully. Don’t just spend all your hard earned money on spontaneous buys. Shop to thoughtfully curate a wardrobe that makes you proud and a wardrobe that can dress you for any occasion. Creating a perfect wardrobe is difficult and the stylists at Outfix can help. They’ll create looks for you based on your needs, and based on your outfit aspirations and pieces that you can wear over and over again.