There’s an app that’s about to change the way we shop online, and as you may have guessed, it’s Outfix. Consider this: users can crowdsource outfit suggestions from users just like them instead of sending their best friend links of different jeans asking for their opinion. Outfix is creating a community – a community of shoppers and stylists that will be able to work together to find the shoppers’ ideal look.

How it works

Need an outfit for next week’s business lunch? Submit a request by selecting a category (business casual), a budget ($150), and make sure that your profile has photos that portray your ideal style. Sit back, relax, and wait for the outfit suggestions to start showing up. You love an outfit, but wish the shirt was a different color? No big deal. Message your stylist and tell them your thoughts, and let them make the adjustments you need.

Feel like being a stylist? Create your stylist profile by specifying the kinds of outfits you like to create and immediately start responding to outfit requests…for money! That’s right. Stylists on Outfix can make some additional cash by making awesome outfits that their requesters decide to buy.

What we’ve been up to

Team Outfix has been working hard and fast to release the app so we can start building this game changing open marketplace. We want to fine tune the app so that it’s in perfect shape to help you and your friends dress to impress.