Instagram is removing likes and influencer marketing faces an uncertain future. Outfix offers solutions for brands, influencers, and shoppers via a platform centered around collaborative social shopping.

New York City, August 22. Outfix, a fashion-tech startup, announces the launch of their Earlybird BETA program. Outfix is a virtual personal styling marketplace where shoppers can get one-on-one private consultations from a community of fashion trendsetters. Outfix is reimagining brand promotions, influencer monetization, and social media engagement through a platform centered around genuine and authentic collaboration.

Outfix’s mobile app offers a freemium service that allows shoppers to request personalized outfit suggestions based on budget, style, and occasion from their favorite trendsetters. The trendsetters (AKA stylists) fulfilling these requests are able to browse over one million name brand products and design outfit collages, or ‘lookbooks’, directly from within the app. Partnering fashion brands are able to market their products via discreet ‘silent’ promotions by offering bonus commission to stylists who choose to feature certain items in their collages. In addition, Outfix provides brands with accurate trend insights for their products.

Shoppers use Outfix as a tool solely for outfit inspiration and fashion advice. There is no binding subscription box service or requirement to purchase products through the app. All outfits designed on Outfix are handmade by real people and can accommodate endless style possibilities for any demographic.

“Social media influencers are like speakers addressing an audience of followers. If you’re hosting a speech and trying to sell something, you really need to be an industry leader before people start pulling out their wallets. However, once you replace that dynamic with a more intimate one-on-one exchange, something amazing happens. Suddenly, every influencer has the unique advantage of being an expert offering a bespoke service that followers want and can’t get anywhere else,” said Alex Stokes, Co-founder and CEO.

Over 85% of Millennials and Gen Z use social media for apparel purchase inspiration. Brands looking to capitalize on this trend have flooded the influencer marketing industry and in turn, damaged their influencers’ engagement and trust. Sponsored posts, for example, receive on average 8.3% less engagement than organic content. Outfix believes that with Millennials and Gen Z, authentic referrals and experiences offer the only viable solution to these negative trends. By reimagining the influencer-follower social dynamic to support collaboration, Outfix has created the world’s first brand-positive, high-engagement monetization tool for trendsetters.

“I think one of the best things about shopping with friends is the moment you walk out of the fitting room and hear the much-anticipated ‘Oh my god, that looks so good on you!’. Our mission has always been to give our users that same exciting rush of confidence from within the modern context of social media and e-commerce. By providing a truly authentic collaborative experience around something as deeply personal as fashion, we can solve countless inefficiencies for brands, influencers, and shoppers,” said Sabina Noel, Co-founder and CMO. 



Outfix is a virtual personal styling marketplace where shoppers can get one-on-one private consultations from a community of fashion trendsetters. Request an outfit suggestion for any budget, occasion, and style, or be a stylist and design for those in need of inspiration. Experiment with new trends, monetize your passion, grow your personal brand, and walk away with the confidence to look great.